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Rental Cloud brings together members, in a way that satisfies everyone, to make travel a pleasurable experience. Our one stop gateway, for all your travel needs, provides a portal for owners, partners and travellers to come together, under our guidance, meeting everyone’s requirements and ensuring that you have made the best choice for the perfect getaway.

Going Once

Check Our Great Auction Deals

Whether you are a guest or a member, this is the only gateway where owners can place their holiday rentals in our unique rental auction platform to maximise revenue by offering unsold weeks to travellers who want to secure special discounts on late booking deals. Our bidding creates a win-win scenario for all our members.

A Safe Pair of Hands

Fully Trusted And Verified Rentals

Our trustworthy and sophisticated verification system ensures every holiday apartment or villa  is genuine and backed by one of our members thus giving you complete peace of mind for your family. The Rental Cloud guarantee gives you access to a club where members know all their needs and interests will be met.

Crystal Clear Costs

No Commission No Booking Fees

All holiday rentals are exactly as listed, no add-on, commission or hidden charges just competitive prices which are transparent and guaranteed for Rental Cloud members all over the world. Get access to luxury holiday homes and villas across best holiday destinations the world. Enjoy exclusive beach and ski resorts.

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Mission Statement

Distribute your holiday rental globally with our unique gateway. No other advertiser offers more for so much less. Our functionality ensures members and partners maximize revenue and travellers can be assured that our trust and verification process safeguards all our listings are genuine. Our no commission, no booking fee policy also ensures the best deals, guaranteeing a win win scenario for all.