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2021 Will Be A Year Of Smart Travel

  • December 10 2020

The promise of a vaccine will have many hoping that holidays will be back on the cards again for 2021. However, the pandemic has changed many things, and how we choose to go on holiday will be one of them.

For any near future travel plans, there may still be restrictions in place, such as the possibility of needing a recent vaccine certificate to be able to fly. But looking further ahead, travellers could be making their holiday choices based on safety, hygiene practices and social distancing, paving the way for new travel trends like pod travel, staycations, among others.

Travellers are opting for various packages with personalised services and activities curated especially according to preferences which provide for a memorable experience.

We have a look at some of the predicted travel and holiday trends for 2021.


Sustainable tourism

Travellers are now much more aware of the impact their travel plans have on the environment and may want to consider the economic, social, and environmental impacts of their holidays.


Smaller groups and privacy

More people will be opting to spend time with close and loved ones rather than large groups of strangers. There could be a rise in private tours that ensure contact with others is kept to a minimum.


VR/AR to Sell Travel Experiences

Virtual and augmented reality technology has been around for a while, but in 2021, the tourism sector could be making more use if it. Destinations and experiences could be sold through virtual tours of hotels and villas to give you a taste of your holiday.


Short Getaways

Travellers will continue to look for short getaways with road trips and will visit destinations that are at a drivable distance. They will be keen to explore a slower pace of life for holidays.

The desire to avoid crowds and strangers will undoubtedly mean that private villas will be very popular. If you’re looking for holiday homes to rent, then visit our site today.


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