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4 Museums To Discover In Spain

  • July 31 2020

There are all sorts of reasons to find villas to let in Spain and head off on the holiday of a lifetime, but if you’re a culture vulture, then it really is the travel hotspot for you.

You’ll find scores of museums dotted around the country, some of which could prove quite the surprise, so we thought we’d showcase just a couple of our favourites to help you put your travel itineraries together. Which of these will go at the top of your must-visit list?


Chocolate Museum

If you find yourself in Barcelona and your sweet tooth needs satiating, head off to the Chocolate Museum, which will tell you all about how the delicacy made its way across Europe, as well as the manufacturing process, all the way from the cocoa bean up.

You’re greeted with a little bit of chocolate on entering the museum, which is reason enough to go, and you’ll find that the museum itself smells of chocolate, as well… so you’re sure to have an amazing time.


The Dali Theatre-Museum

For a rather more surreal time, head off to Figueres where you’ll find the Dali Theatre-Museum, considered to be the artist’s last great work. Everything in the museum was conceived and designed by Dali himself, so if you’re keen to try and gain a greater level of understanding of his work, you can really immerse yourself in it here.

In Dali’s own words: “It's obvious that other worlds exist, that's certain; but, as I've already said in many other occasions, these other worlds are inside ours, they reside on earth and are precisely at the centre of the dome of the Dali Museum, which contains the new, unsuspected and hallucinatory world of surrealism.”


Museo del Prado

The Museo del Prado in Madrid is Spain’s most famous museum, opening to members of the public for the first time back in 1819. The building was originally built to house King Charles III’s Natural History Cabinet, but his grandson later decided to transform it into the Royal Museum of Paintings and Sculptures.

It now has the largest holdings of artists including Bosch, Titian, Rubens, Goya, El Greco and Velazquez, with some collections numbering more than 100 works.


The City of Arts and Sciences

Or what about making your way to Valencia, which is home to the City of Arts and Sciences museum, a group of six separate areas stretching along the dry river bed of the diverted River Turia.

This is a really fun day out and one that the entire family will enjoy, with the ‘city’ made up of an opera house and performing arts centre, a planetarium and laserium, a walkway and garden, a science museum, an open-air aquarium and an outdoor events space.


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