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4 Unusual Dishes To Try In Thailand

  • July 31 2020

If you’re planning your first post-lockdown holiday and already know that you want to make food a top priority while you’re away, then you could certainly do a lot worse than booking holiday villas to rent in Thailand, a true gastronomic hotspot if ever there was one.

Of course, most of us have tried the likes of Thai green curry, tom kha gai and Thai chicken satay, and the fresh flavours of the cuisine are no doubt why it’s such a popular option on the menu - but what about trying something a little more adventurous while you’re away? Here are just a couple of ideas that could see you booking flights sooner rather than later.


Chicken feet

For your first course, try chicken feet, which are usually boiled up in a salty broth until they’re nice and tender, with the likes of fish sauce, chillies and sugar added later. Keep an eye out for deep fried chicken feet and chicken feet salad on menus in restaurants and give them a go.


Red ant eggs

Larb mote daeng on menus, red ant eggs are a very popular gastronomic delight and you’re sure to come across them while on holiday. Interestingly, insects are predicted to be a future food as a sustainable source of protein, so you may see more of them on dishes back at home, as well.



You’ll see these on menus as takatan, usually deep-fried in oil and then seasoned with a healthy dash of chilli powder. Think of them as a Thai version of popcorn!


Catfish salad

You probably haven’t come across this as a way of eating salad but it’s definitely a yummy one, with the fish fried until it’s very crispy, making the dish all about the texture. Pair it with some sticky rice for a real treat.


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