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Ceyzerieu - The Perfect Getaway Destination

  • April 08 2020

Once the pandemic is over, you’re sure to want to go on a very well-earned holiday and since you’re all at home in self-isolation or social distancing yourself at the moment, you’ve got all the time in the world to start researching holiday destinations and looking at villas in France you could potentially rent after the crisis has come to an end.
Being cooped up at home for months isn’t going to be fun so choosing a destination where you can get out and about, being as active as you can and getting as much fresh air as possible is probably what you’re going to be crying out for later in the year. Ceyzerieu in France is one of the best places you can escape to if you need a little rest and relaxation after what has probably been a very trying time indeed. And the good news is that there is some seriously stunning countryside to explore, so if you are thinking of having a little trip towards the end of the year, this could be the choice of destination for you. There’s the Marais de Lavours National Nature Reserve nearby, where you’re sure to have a wonderful day out with the whole family… unless, of course, you’ve left them back at home to have a bit of a break after months in their company! From wooded countryside walks to lakeside strolls, this nature reserve has it all. If you’re feeling more active and fancy doing a spot of boating while on holiday in France, you’ll find the Canal de Savieres on your doorstep as well. This canal joins the Lac du Bourget to the Rhone at Chanaz and you could have a wonderful time walking along the canal, soaking up some late summer sun and really blowing those coronavirus cobwebs away. France will always be a top destination for any wine enthusiasts and you’ll find Le Caveau Bugiste not too far away from Ceyzerieux, a vineyard that’s certainly well worth exploring. You can make your way there through the picturesque little village of Vongnes (famed for its flowers, so keep an eye out) - and once you reach the top of the village, enjoy a lovely glass of Bugey wine. Le Caveau Bugiste has been producing these wines since 1967 and there are more than 30 you can try, so if you do love nothing more than a spot of wine-tasting while away, you’ll find all you’re looking for and more here. Not too far away from Ceyzerieux, you’ll find Lac du Lit au Roi where you can head off to for a wide variety of watersports, including windsurfing, pedalos, canoeing and kayaking… and, of course, swimming! This is also a great place to go if you love a bit of hiking through mountain landscapes, as you’re more than catered for in this regard as well. If it sounds like Ceyzerieu is the place for you, you’ll be pleased to hear that Rental Cloud has a property available to rent in a beautiful - and quiet - little village, with a lake nearby and private access for swimming. There are lots of local walks you can go on, or you could go for a bike ride through the beautiful countryside to be found here. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a particularly well-known region so if you’re keen to escape hordes of tourists while away, you could certainly do a lot worse than a holiday in Ceyzerieu. Other sights to see include the Pollieu Lake, the Virieu-le-Grand waterfall and the nature reserve of the Marsh of Lavours. If you’re planning on a winter holiday, you’ll be able to enjoy some serious cross-country skiing in Colombier, so you could easily plan your trip around this if that’s what you’re looking for. Obviously, at the moment travel is seriously restricted because of the global pandemic that’s currently wreaking havoc in all four corners of the world, but once the dust has settled and a level of normality has been reached, get in touch with the Rental Cloud team… we’ll be able to help you plan your next big trip away.


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