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Choosing The Best Location For A Holiday Home To Let

  • July 05 2021

When wanting to invest in property, it is becoming increasingly common for people to purchase a holiday let. There is no denying that this is a brilliant way to make an extra income, especially now that self-catering holidays are the first choice for many tourists, and when you have a portfolio of successful holiday rentals, this can easily become your main source of income.

Holiday lets really are a great investment to make, however, it is essential that you purchase the right property. There will be lots of different things to take into consideration when choosing a holiday home to let, but arguably, one of the most important is location. As you may expect, the location that you choose will directly impact the success of your holiday rental, so it is essential to get this right. When choosing a location, make sure you think about all of the following factors;

Price of the destination

It is likely that you will have a budget for the holiday let you’re wanting to purchase, so you will need to think about how expensive properties are in the areas that you’re interested in. You should also consider whether these destinations are affordable for tourists to visit too, as if people think the area is overpriced, they will simply go elsewhere. Remember to think about how much you’re going to be able to charge per night in different places as well.

Proximity to the airport

Once you’ve narrowed down your destination options, you need to think about how close to the airport a property is. It isn’t uncommon for tourists to look for holiday homes that are fairly close to at least one airport as this can make their transfers easier to organise and also much cheaper as well. Always take a look at the different destinations the local airports fly to and from too, this way you can make sure that people all over the world will be able to book your holiday home.

Local public transport links

Ensuring that your holiday home to let is easily accessible is absolutely essential. So, look into all of the different local public transport links. More often than not, when on holiday, tourists will use trains, trams and underground networks rather than taxis or car rentals, especially if they’re in a city centre, and it is vital to ensure that some type of public transport is within walking distance. Being well-situated in this regard is incredibly advantageous.

Closeness to tourist attractions

When choosing a destination for your holiday home to let, you will have probably thought about popular tourist attractions and if you choose a country or a city specifically for its attractions, you need to ensure that your rental property is quite close to these. Consider which places people are most likely going to want to visit and look at how easy it will be and how long it will take for them to get to these attractions from the properties that you’re considering investing in.

Popularity of the area

Of course, in every country or city, there are some locations that are more popular than others too and you should look into how many holiday homes are already in a local area. If there is a lot of competition, you may find it harder to fill your bookings diary, however, this is often a sign that a lot of tourists choose to book private rentals in that specific area. If there aren’t any holiday homes nearby, this is probably a sign that it isn’t the best location for you to choose.

Finding a holiday home to let

There really is no denying that there are so many benefits to becoming a holiday property owner and, hopefully, if you’re trying to choose a location for your holiday rental, the information above will be beneficial. Taking the time to think about all of these different factors should help you to decide which location would be best for your holiday home and you can ensure that you’re giving yourself the greatest chance for success.

Once you have found the perfect holiday home to let, when searching for somewhere to advertise your property, make sure you take a look at the Rental Cloud website. We offer holiday homeowners a global stage to showcase their holiday rental that is both commission and booking fee-free, and you can use our website to help you fill your diary. To find out more about how our rental platform works, feel free to explore our different packages today.


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