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Could Greece Be Your Post-Lockdown Destination?

  • June 30 2020

While the UK’s coronavirus lockdown measures are slowly being eased, holidays at home or abroad are not yet permitted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan where we want to go when we’re free to fly away on vacation.

At the moment, Greece is not accepting British tourists, although from 15 June it will be opening up its borders to 29 countries across the world. But quarantine procedures are being re-evaluated every few weeks, and we have the perfect destination that promises you can stay safe and maintain your distance from others.

Tourists arriving into Greece will likely still be subject to sample coronavirus testing. Safety measures are also being put in place nationwide with capacity limits at hotels and resorts, and each hotel is due to have a designated doctor. 

Greece is one of the European countries least affected by the pandemic, in fact, up to 50 times less affected than any other European country. Greece has so far had far fewer cases of coronavirus than the UK, with 2,906 confirmed cases and 175 deaths. The Greek islands, which rely heavily on tourism, have had no confirmed cases.

In phase one of their reopening the tourist industry, they have taken many health and safety measure to ensure a safe holiday for all.

The measures include changing air conditioner filters after each stay, and a compulsory distance of 4 metres between each beach umbrella.

Preveza has an island atmosphere, centuries of history, delicious food and more beaches than you can imagine.

Situated at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf, Preveza is linked to Epirus and the rest of the mainland by Greece’s first undersea tunnel.

The city greets you as you exit the tunnel. Sandwiched between two bodies of water, the Ionian Sea and the Ambracian Gulf, Preveza will charm you with its lovely jetty, yacht-filled marina, dozens of restaurants and meze-bars, pedestrianised centre and stylish shops.

Monolithi beach, the main beach of Preveza, is 13 miles long and up to 80 metres wide. It’s the longest beach in Europe, and you’ll have no problem finding a nice spot to fix up your umbrella on the hundreds of thousands of square metres of sand. Monolithi beach is not the only one in Preveza, of course, there are many others too.

Preveza is full of charm, preserved from big resorts. Even in peak season, and everything was booked up, there would still be as much room as you need on one of the beautiful beaches.

Preveza is the anti-St Tropez: hotel, known for its excellent value for money. The restaurant and café charges are affordable and this summer the deckchairs are even free (and cleaned between each traveller). Greece has also cut taxes on flights, trains, buses and many services to make you spend less this summer.

If you’re eager to jet away to sandy beaches, and holidays full of culture and luxury, then take a look at our holiday homes in Greece.


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