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Different Types Of Holiday Rentals To Book

  • April 06 2021

Self-catering holidays are more popular than ever before and many are swapping a stay at an all-inclusive hotel for the hire of a private holiday rental. As you may expect, there are a number of benefits to hiring a whole property instead of simply booking a room somewhere and it is easy to see why this is the first choice for many holidaymakers.

These days, when booking a holiday rental, you have a number of brilliant accommodation options to choose from and the types of properties available to rent are incredibly vast. From villas in Turkey and chalets in Switzerland to cottages in Cornwall and apartments in Madrid, there is something for everyone and you will likely be spoilt for choice when booking your next holiday. To help anyone who is trying to decide which holiday rental to book, we have looked into the most popular options available in more detail below.

Holiday villa

Whilst the term ‘villa’ has referred to various types and sizes of properties over the years, here in the UK, it now most frequently refers to holiday rentals that are large detached properties in warm destinations. It isn’t uncommon for villas to have two or more storeys and they usually have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Due to the fact that they’re commonly found in warm countries, villas tend to have private swimming pools for use of those who are renting them.

Holiday home

This holiday rental is fairly self-explanatory and it is simply a home that can be rented by holidaymakers. Holiday homes tend to feel quite ‘homely’ and they are for people to use as if it was their own home for the duration of their stay, they usually have a garden too. You will find holiday homes in a number of different locations all over the world and they will differ in size. So, whether you need a 2-bed or a 5-bed property, you will be able to find a suitable holiday home.

Holiday cottage

Holiday cottages are most commonly found here in the UK and again, they are just cottages that can be rented by holidaymakers. You will find holiday cottages everywhere from the Lake District to the Isle of Wight and they can be situated in the heart of a village or in the middle of nowhere. This type of holiday rental tends to be smaller than holiday homes and holiday villas, so they are usually more suitable for smaller families and groups of people.

Holiday apartment

This is another type of holiday rental that you will find all over the world, but generally speaking, you will usually find holiday apartments in busy city and town centres. As the name suggests, holiday apartments are fully furnished apartments/flats that usually have one or two bedrooms and an open plan living area. They are commonly found in apartment buildings and sometimes, there are multiple apartments in the same building that are available to rent.

Holiday chalets

The term ‘chalet’ specifically refers to a property you will find in the Alpine region in Europe that is made from wood and features overhanging eaves. Often, the most likely places to find this type of holiday rental is in popular skiing destinations and they come in a range of different sizes. Whilst not technically a chalet, nowadays you can also rent log cabins in lots of other holiday destinations too and they have a similar look and feel as traditional chalets.

Booking a holiday rental

All in all, no matter where you’re interested in travelling to next, you will likely have a number of different holiday rentals to choose from and thankfully, no matter what your needs may be, there will always be something that is perfect for you. Once you have an idea of the type of accommodation you’re interested in, you will find choosing the right holiday rental much easier and it can really narrow down your options for you.

When looking at holiday rentals to book for your next trip, be sure to visit the Rental Cloud website. On our platform, you will find a range of different types of private properties that are all available to rent by holidaymakers and we really do have something for everyone on our site. Simply use our search bar to pick your location and holiday dates, and we will bring up a number of brilliant holiday rentals for you to consider. It couldn’t be more straightforward to plan your next trip.


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