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Five Top Travel Trends For 2021

  • November 12 2020

It’s fair to say that 2020 has changed the way we travel, among many other areas of our lives! But what are the big trends that we’re expecting to see in the coming 12 months, as we move into 2021?

We’ve picked out five of the top ones to watch.


  1. Workations

A workation is exactly what it sounds like - a vacation where you also spend some time doing work. Skyscanner recently named this as one of the top holiday trends for 2021. More and more of us are working from home and that presents opportunities to live and travel more flexibly. Longer trips are becoming more popular, with plenty of us deciding to take our laptops and log some working hours in between exploring.

You’re going to want to find holiday apartments if you’re taking this kind of trip though, as that will ensure you have the privacy you need for any work video calls, as well as giving you quiet space where you can concentrate when you do need to work.


  1. Remote working
    As Skyscanner explained, this is slightly different to a workation, in that it’s a much longer-term arrangement. This trend is about becoming a full digital nomad, travelling as and when you choose and working as you go.

    The fact that we’re having more and more virtual meetings and fewer in-person interactions than ever before in our jobs means that this has suddenly become a more accessible option for many people. The key is to make sure you’re staying in places with a good internet connection.
  2. Mindful and sustainable travel
    This is an idea that was gaining traction before the global pandemic, but it’s become even more popular in recent months. That’s according to Health and Fitness Travel, which released its top predictions for 2021 travel trends recently. These were shared by Travel Daily News.

    What does this mean in practice? Many of us are looking for resorts and places to stay with eco-friendly credentials. We’re also looking at how we travel and how we can minimise our emissions. One option is to take one longer trip each year, rather than going for multiple short breaks.
  3. Multi-generational active trips
    This is another type of break that’s set to boom in 2021, Health and Fitness Travel is predicting. Spending time with family has become more important than ever post-lockdown, and these kinds of breaks are a great opportunity to spend time with extended family doing something you all enjoy.

    “After months apart, summer 2021 is going to be the season for family reconnection as all generations rub shoulders on a healthy and active family holiday,” the news provider noted.
  4. Last-minute booking
    Skyscanner revealed that, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s recorded incredibly high demand for last-minute bookings. This has been driven by the changing face of travel, with air corridors between destinations opening and closing quickly.

    However, it’s a trend that the website expects to continue, particularly for those who are taking short-haul trips to European destinations. The idea is that people wait and see where they can travel without quarantine restrictions on their return just weeks before they’re due to go away. 


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