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How Renting A Holiday Home Can Improve Your Family Holiday

  • April 19 2021

Every year, a number of parents will book getaways during the summer holidays for their family. Many will jet off on a plane to somewhere exotic for a couple of weeks in the sun where the parents can relax and the children can blow off some steam. This family holiday is something that everyone looks forward to and many will count down the days until they can get away and spend some quality time with their loved ones.

When organising a family summer holiday, whilst previously many would have automatically booked a hotel room, it is becoming much more common for holidaymakers to find holiday homes to rent instead. If you have never booked a private holiday rental before and you’re wondering whether it is worthwhile doing so, below we have looked into some of the different ways renting a holiday home can improve your family holiday.

Avoid the summer holiday rush

As you probably know from previous experience, popular holiday destinations can be incredibly busy throughout July and August, and hotels will be fully-booked with lots of other families all wanting to have a break too. When you find a holiday home to rent, you can avoid this summer holiday rush and all of the frustrations that come with it, and actually just enjoy your holiday with your family without having to worry about other people.

Plenty of space for the whole family  

When you book a hotel room, more often than not, you will only have a small room with a private bathroom to yourselves and every other area that you spend time in will be communal and shared by other holidaymakers. Whereas, when you book a holiday home, you will have a kitchen, living room and outdoor area all to yourself too, so there will be plenty of space for everyone and you won’t have to share this with strangers.

Save money on your accommodation

Surprisingly to some, holiday homes to rent can actually be much more affordable than hotel rooms, especially if you’d usually require more than one hotel room. Of course, when you save money on your accommodation, you will then have more spending money, so you can see all of the sights and say yes to added extras throughout the holiday without having to worry about money, which can be a huge relief for parents.

Have the freedom to make your own meals

Often, one of the positives about booking a hotel is that you will have meals included if you’re full-board or all-inclusive, but this isn’t always convenient for some families. When you stay in a private holiday home, you will be on a self-catering holiday, so you have complete freedom when it comes to meal time. Whether you make meals for yourself or go out for some food, the choice is entirely yours and you won’t be restricted to eating particular foods at certain times.

Enjoy your own private amenities

When you’re booking a family holiday, it is likely that you will look for accommodation with some amenities to keep your children entertained. One of the most popular amenities being a swimming pool and almost all hotels nowadays have a pool, but so do the majority of holiday homes to rent. When you book a private property, you will have these sought after amenities all to yourself and you won’t have to share them with other families.

Looking at different holiday homes to rent

All in all, whilst there are a number of different accommodation options to choose from when you’re booking a family holiday nowadays, it is fair to say that renting a holiday home is one of the best options available. Simply opting for a private property over a hotel room, for example, can make such a big difference to your holiday experience and you can guarantee that it will help both you and your children to have a much better time.

When looking at the different holiday homes to rent, be sure to visit the Rental Cloud website. On our holiday rental platform, you will find a number of different properties that are all available for private hire to holidaymakers. No matter where in the world you’re wanting to visit with your family, it is likely that we will have a selection of different holiday homes to choose from. We will also make the booking process incredibly straightforward for you too, so even if you’ve never rented a holiday home before, you can do so with ease via our website.


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