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How To Increase The Off-Season Bookings At Your Holiday Rental

  • April 21 2021

Like all other types of holiday accommodation, many who own holiday rentals will find that certain times of the year are much busier than others. Generally speaking, the spring and summer months are more popular for holidaymakers than the autumn and winter months, but depending on your location, you may find that this isn’t strictly true for you. Nevertheless, almost all holiday rental owners will have their own ‘off-season’ where their diary is almost empty.

Of course, it is important to ensure that you’re doing all you can to encourage people to book all year round otherwise, you run the risk of your holiday rental not being profitable. Thankfully, whether you own a holiday villa in Spain or a holiday cottage in Scotland, there are some things you can do to increase the off-season bookings at your holiday rental and if you’re looking for some inspiration in this regard, keep reading today.

Adjust your prices for different times of the year

This is probably one of the most obvious ways to get guests through your door during the off-season and it can be incredibly effective. Consider lowering your prices so that they’re attractive to anyone wanting a getaway during the quieter months, but ensure that they’re still high enough to cover your costs and make you a profit. You may find that you only need to lower weekday prices, for example, so play around with what works best for your property. 

Inform your guests what there is to do locally

Often, tourists only know what there is to do in an area during its busiest months and this is why they tend to book at this time. So, simply updating your advertisements during the off-season and informing people of what the local area offers during these months can encourage holidaymakers to book your holiday rental at times they might not have previously considered. Try to play to your target audience in this regard and find relevant events or activities for them.

Create special offers and seasonal discounts

You have complete control over your holiday rental and what you provide to guests, so use this to your advantage during the off-season. Something as simple as providing a luxury welcome pack to guests when you’re not as busy can help to make your property more appealing. You may also want to consider extending your check-in/check-out times, this won’t cost you anything but it can make a big difference to whether people decide to book your holiday rental or not.

Upgrade your property and its amenities

Take some time to think about how you can make your holiday rental more desirable during the off-season. Whether this is installing a hot tub for cold winter nights or refurbishing your communal spaces to use when it’s raining, this can help to prevent people from overlooking your property and give you the competitive edge that you’re in need of. It will be helpful to consider what you would look amenities-wise yourself when booking somewhere to stay.

Add seasonal images to your advertisements

A picture really does speak a thousand words and the best way to show guests just how amazing your holiday rental can be during the off-season is to physically show them. Try to be creative with your images and help people to envisage themselves enjoying your property during the different seasons. Remember to include images of both the inside and outside of your holiday rental and even some of the local area too, if they’re relevant of course.

Ensuring your holiday rental is busy all year round

Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial you’re currently struggling with bookings during the off-season and with a few changes to your holiday rental, you can ensure that you’re filling your diary all year round. You should be able to use some of these tips and tricks to reduce the downtime your holiday rental experiences during the off-season, but if you do still have a few quiet weeks, use these to your advantage to prepare for the upcoming busy season.

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