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Interior Design Tips For Your Holiday Rental

  • May 14 2021

It goes without saying that decorating a holiday rental is very different from decorating your home and it is important to ensure that when it comes to giving your rental property a revamp you don’t forget this. The way that your holiday rental is decorated will directly affect things such as how much you can charge per night, how many bookings you get and how good your reviews are, so this isn’t something you want to get wrong.

Thankfully, with the right know-how sprucing up the interior design of your holiday rental doesn’t have to be difficult and if your property is looking slightly worse for wear, keep reading today. Below we have put together a list of useful tips to help make your holiday rental stand out from the crowd and to ensure that your interior design isn’t putting guests off. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a professional decorator to benefit from these tips either.

Make sure your interior design matches your location

Whenever you’re decorating a holiday rental you should take inspiration from your surroundings. For example, if your property is on the coast, aim for a relaxed beachy theme or if your property is in the city, try and make it chic and minimalist. Allow your location and your target market to inspire your interior design, this will ensure that your property doesn’t seem out of place.

Don’t overload the space with furniture

The more space you can give your guests, especially in communal areas, the better and you probably don’t need as much furniture as you think. Strip things back to basics and before you buy a piece of furniture, consider whether it is actually going to be useful to your guests or add anything to your interior design. This will help to prevent your property from being cluttered.

Have one main colour scheme running through the property

One of the best tips for any rental property is to have one main colour scheme running throughout the whole holiday home, holiday cottage or holiday villa. This will help to make all of the rooms flow into one another and create a sense of continuity, it will also make decorating and maintenance so much easier too. You can then have different accent colours in each room and bring a space to life through accessories.

Try to avoid the ‘show home’ look

A holiday rental is different from a hotel in the sense that it is meant to be a home away from home for your guests, so you need to ensure that your interior design is homely and inviting. If your property looks like a show home, it won’t have any personality or character and this won’t entice people to stay here. Ideally, try to avoid a bland, boring and lifeless look altogether.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise

Lots of people shy away from using accessories in their holiday rentals, but they are one of the best ways to add interest to your interior design and they can also help to make your guests feel at home too. Simple things like throws and blankets or plants and flowers can make such a big difference to the look and feel of your property, so play around with what works best in each of your rooms.

Give each room a focal point

If the rooms in your holiday rental feel a bit awkward and disjointed, it could be because they don’t have a focal point. One main focal point will anchor the interior design and make the room more eye-catching and inviting, it will also divert guests from noticing less desirable areas too. Adding a focal point is really easy and there are so many different ways you can do so.

Sprucing up the interior of your holiday rental

Ultimately, there are so many different things you can do to make your holiday rental more attractive to potential guests and you don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to improve the way your holiday rental looks. Whether you own a holiday home, holiday cottage or even a holiday villa, the interior design tips can help you improve the way your holiday rental looks and, hopefully, this will help to increase the number of bookings you get.

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