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Poland In Winter: 5 Must-Visit Attractions

  • November 05 2020

A winter holiday will always be a magical little getaway, no matter where you decide to travel to, but if you’re currently pondering where to go, you might want to put Poland at the top of the list, a stunning country at any time but one that really does come alive over the winter months.

As with any trip away, the key to a successful break is to plan and know what you want to do, so here are a few ideas you might like to include on your itinerary after you book holiday lettings in Poland.



Head to the south of the country and you’ll find the charming little town of Zakopane, nestled at the foot of the Tatra Mountains and the perfect destination for a wintry holiday. If winter sports are what you crave, then you’ll find you can try your hand at snowboarding, skiing, ice skating and lots more here.


Bialowieza Forest

If it’s the countryside you’re keen to explore, then you simply must make your way to Bialowieza Forest, an ancient forest and one of the largest remaining parts of the primeval forest that used to stretch right across the European Plain. Cameras at the ready here, since it’s home to a large herd of European bison.


Wolf’s Lair

For the history buffs among you, keen to discover more about World War II, Wolf’s Lair in the Masurian Woods could be an interesting stop to make. This was once Hitler’s military headquarters, featuring barracks, shelters, a power station, water supplies, two airports, a railway station and lots more.



The hedonists, meanwhile, are sure to enjoy a trip to Energylandia, Poland’s biggest amusement park, with something to entertain people of all ages. There’s Fairytale Land, where younger holidaymakers are sure to have the time of their lives, as well as a Family Zone, Extreme Zone, the Water Park (styled like a tropical island) and lots more.


The Wieliczka salt mine

For something a little different, what about going to ground and exploring the Wieliczka salt mine, where you’ll discover stunning landscapes that you simply can’t find on the surface, such as saline lakes and underground chambers. You’ll also learn about the methods of salt extraction and the old mining tools that were used, but wear sensible shoes as there are over 800 steps to climb.

The mine itself is so vast that you’re actually only able to visit two per cent of it. Some 26 shafts were struck over the course of more than 700 years, with nine million m3 of post-excavation voids drilled.

The Crystal Caves are a particular delight, discovered in the second half of the 19th century during work on the north-eastern part of the mine. The Caves are made up of halite crystals, which is the purest rock salt in the world.


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