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Popular Family Summer Holiday Destinations In The UK

  • April 23 2021

As you probably know, for the past year, ‘staycations’ have been more popular than ever before and a huge number of families booked private holiday rentals here in the UK and took a small break from day-to-day life. It is thought that holidaying in the UK will be just as popular again this year and even more families will be searching for somewhere to stay that is the next best thing to getting on a plane and enjoying some exotic summer sun.

Thankfully, there really are some amazing holiday destinations here in the UK and you won’t have to travel for thousands of miles to have a perfect family holiday this summer. To help anyone who is currently attempting to plan a summer holiday for this year, below we have put together a list of destinations that are definitely worthwhile considering, all of which are a popular choice amongst families every year.

The Lake District

Whilst you may need your raincoats and wellies when heading to the Lake District, it is undeniably a beautiful place to book a holiday. There are so many fun outdoor activities to enjoy in this National Park and you definitely won’t get bored. It is likely that you will be able to book a cosy holiday cottage with a hot tub when you’re heading to the northwest corner of England.

The Isle Of Wight

Exploring the Isle of Wight is the next best thing to going abroad and it is likely that your children will enjoy the experience of going on a ferry to get here. This island is considered to be one of the sunniest places in the UK and booking a holiday rental here is the perfect escape this summer. With both well-known attractions and hidden gems to explore, there’s plenty to do too.


This is probably one of the most popular destinations for a family holiday in the UK and every year people from all over the country will travel to Cornwall to enjoy everything that this breathtaking coastline has to offer. There are a number of family-friendly tourist attractions in Cornwall and if you love a day at the seaside, then this is undoubtedly the place for you.


When you’re wanting a family adventure this summer then Wales is the perfect destination. There really is something for everyone here, from quaint villages to sandy beaches and National Parks, it will be incredibly easy to fill your days with different activities. This is another perfect place to book a holiday cottage in the UK and you will be spoilt for choice when doing so.


Come rain or shine, Yorkshire is a brilliant UK family holiday destination and whether you enjoy exploring new cities, walking through the countryside or spending the day at the beach, you will have a good time here. You really can have a number of different types of holiday all mixed into one when you decide to book a holiday rental in the northern historic county Yorkshire.


Another brilliant holiday destination in the South of the UK is Devon and if you’re wanting to explore somewhere new this year, then this is a brilliant place to visit. With many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and miles of coastline, you can easily spend your days somewhere breathtaking. With a number of family-friendly attractions too, there’s so much to see and do.

Booking a UK summer holiday for this year

All in all, just because you’re staying in the UK this year and not jetting off to somewhere sunny doesn’t mean that you can’t have an amazing holiday. Booking a holiday rental in any of the destinations mentioned above is the first step to enjoying a week or two away from home and normal day-to-day life this summer. You can trust that you will still have a brilliant time and the sun might even make an appearance too.

Whenever you’re searching for holiday rentals, be sure to visit the Rental Cloud website. Whether you’re staying in the UK or hoping to go somewhere slightly more exotic, we can help you to find the perfect home away from home for your holiday. A simple search on our website will bring up a huge range of holiday rentals for you to choose from and it is likely that we will have the perfect rental for you and your family to enjoy.


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