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Sanitise Your Holiday Home To Prevent Coronavirus

  • November 12 2020

The coronavirus has hit the travel industry hard, and that includes holiday homes. However, things will return to normal, even if not immediately. Private holiday rentals have an advantage over hotels because there are no communal spaces shared with other tourists from other locations.

While the new second national lockdown means that holidays will not be permitted, it can provide you with an opportunity to review your holiday rental home and assess your cleaning routines to minimise the chances of COVID-19 being transmitted, when guests are allowed to visit once more.

Owners of holiday cottages have a moral, if not legal, duty to ensure their properties are thoroughly cleaned. This currently means there is a priority not just for general cleanliness, but to ensure the property is sufficiently sanitised.

You may need to adjust the arrival times for future guests to allow time for enhanced cleaning. Explain to guests that it is for their benefit, and at no extra cost. You may not need to perform a deep clean each and every time, but you will need to ensure your property is sanitised whole the coronavirus crisis continues.


How Do You Deep Clean Holiday Homes?

The UK government has published advice on sanitising homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and you should update your cleaning schedule to accommodate the following:

  • Ensure you wash your hand and clean your cleaning equipment before you start, particularly mop-heads, washcloths, and dusters.
  • Wear clean gloves
  • Wash surfaces with hot water and detergent, and then again using an alcohol-based anti-viral agent.
  • Prioritise ‘high-touch’ surfaces. Do not forget items such as TV remote controls, doors, light switches, handles, fridges, ovens, etc.
  • Wash all cutlery at a high temperature

If you usually provide your guests with a welcome pack, for example, milk, coffee, tea, and biscuits, wipe the packaging too.



Any visitors guides, brochures, and guests books would fall into the ‘high touch’ category, and it may be worth replacing these with an online version, perhaps with a QR code, as used by restaurants for their menus.

Ensure you include your contact details and website address as such documents are likely to get shared by guests before and after their holiday, and it's another great way of making people aware of your holiday rental.


Cleaning Equipment

There is little point in going to great lengths to sanitise your holiday property if you are using dirty equipment. Make sure all towels, mop-heads, dusters, cloths, and even the vacuum cleaner are clean and sanitised.

If you are using a contract cleaning service for your property, then ask what extra measures they are taking to ensure your property has a high standard of hygiene.


Make a Checklist

Its a good idea to write down your new deep cleanchecklist. Not only will this ensure you do a thorough job, but if you get an insurance claim against you, you can show that you took every precaution to mitigate infection and safeguard your insurance policy.

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