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Should You Travel Long-Haul This Year?

  • October 16 2020

The travel world has been moving very quickly and adapting over the last seven months, and with more long-haul flights being opened this Autumn and Winter, getting away has become even more tempting.

Several major operators have reopened their long-haul travel packages. The most notable of these is TUI, who have announced they are offering flights as early as November to Cuba, Antigua and St Lucia.

With more possible destinations opening up both for flights and owner lettings, a winter getaway is possible, but here are some tips to making the most of your trip.


The Law and Prepare for Quarantine

In many respects, the advice has not changed whether the flight is long-haul or short-haul. Make sure to check the guidance, not only to ensure your destination is not on the restricted “all but essential” travel list.

As well as this, make sure to check the advice for the country you are travelling to; they may request that you receive a test or self-isolate for some time. This advice can be found on a country-by-country basis and is constantly updated.

The catch to long-haul flights is that you can’t be quite as flexible when it comes to returning in case of emergency. As such, when booking your flight, make sure to factor that you may be asked to quarantine yourself for 14 days when you return.

If you work remotely, it may be possible that is less of an issue, but keep yourself safe, obey local advice, wear a face-covering wherever possible and make sure you are tested. Above all else, make sure you enjoy yourself too.


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