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Stereotypically Popular European Capital Cities That Are Worth Visiting

  • April 27 2021

It is fair to say that some holiday destinations, capital cities in particular, are incredibly popular amongst all types of tourists and you can guarantee that you will have friends and family who have all visited these locations. Sometimes, this can put you off visiting them yourself and you may spend your time searching for hidden gems instead of booking holiday apartments in stereotypically visited places.

However, it is fair to say that these capital cities are popular for a reason and even if you know many people who have visited them previously, they are still worth going to yourself. When you’re next arranging a getaway and you’re choosing a location, instead of simply ruling out all European cities you think are over-visited, you should look into them further. In fact, there are a handful of incredibly popular capital cities that are definitely worth visiting at least once, so why not consider booking a holiday apartment in one of the following places;

Paris, France

This is probably one of the most frequently visited European cities, but it is definitely one that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Many say that Pairs is everything they’d hoped it would be and more, and they weren’t disappointed, no matter how much it has been hyped up by others. The architecture, numerous famous sights and overall air of romance makes it a capital city that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Madrid, Spain

Whilst some will say that Barcelona is the most-visited city in Spain, Madrid is still an incredibly popular European capital. Even if you have previously been to Barcelona, you should still book a trip to Madrid and this authentic city is a brilliant place to explore, and it is somewhere that the locals will all visit annually. There are an abundance of cultural points of interest in Madrid and many world-class museums, so it shouldn’t be somewhere you disregard.

Rome, Italy

Similarly to Paris, this is an iconic capital city that is frequently visited, but again, it is one that you really should go to. In fact, many actually return to Rome time and time again, because it has so much to offer tourists. Of course, the history and architecture in Rome can amaze even the most un-interested visitors and it is easy to immerse yourself in the culture around you. Of course, nothing beats Italian cuisine too and if you’re a foodie, then Rome is a no-brainer.

Prague, Czech Republic

Every year, a number of tourists from across the globe will visit Prague and its lively nightlife makes it a popular destination for group holidays, especially hen and stag parties. However, there is much more to Prague than it’s famous Czech beer and there are so many must-see attractions in this capital city. Whether you book a holiday apartment in Old Town or New Town, you can trust that you will have an unforgettable time here.

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

This European capital is one that people will visit all year round and it is even a popular choice for those who live in the UK. Many are drawn to Dublin for its charm and the almost guaranteed rainy weather doesn’t even dampen this. Almost all tourists will find themselves in a traditional  Irish pub drinking Guinness and this is definitely something that many wish to do at least once. The colourful city is full of character too, so there is plenty to explore.

Lisbon, Portugal

Many who are wanting to get a decent tan whilst still visiting a capital city will choose to book a holiday apartment in Lisbon. It may be one of the least well-known European cities on this list, but it is still undeniably popular amongst tourists. The authentic history of this old city and the delicious traditional food makes it a must-visit, and it is surprisingly affordable for a capital city too. You will definitely love strolling through its narrow sloping cobblestone streets

Booking holiday apartments in popular European cities

All in all, there is no denying that all of the capital cities mentioned above are incredibly popular amongst tourists and whilst you may think that they aren’t really worth visiting, this definitely isn’t the case. It is fair to say that you really should consider exploring all of these European cities at least once and you won’t regret doing so. Why not take a look at the different holiday apartments in these locations and book somewhere for a few days.

Whichever city you choose to visit first, when you’re looking for suitable accommodation, be sure to visit the Rental Cloud website. Simply use our search bar to find a wide range of different holiday rentals, from holiday homes to holiday cottages, in the local area. We pride ourselves on making it incredibly easy for tourists to book amazing holiday rentals all over the world and when you turn to us, the whole process will be straightforward and completely hassle-free.


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