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Summer In Switzerland: What To Do

  • July 14 2020

There’s no wrong season in which to visit Switzerland but if you have plans to go in summertime, you’re sure to have an absolutely amazing trip, as there’s so much to see and do - especially if you like being as active as possible on holiday.

If that sounds like you, what about making your way to Verbier, renowned around the world as an incredible winter playground but with a huge amount to offer during the summer months, as well. There’s so much to do here, everything from rock climbing and hiking to canyoneering and biking.

The Verbier Bike Park is the destination for cycling enthusiasts and it’s a brilliant way of seeing the countryside and really getting a feel for the country itself.

Or you could head off to Bern, the capital, where you’ll find the River Aare, which is something of a summertime treat, so it seems. The river runs right through the charming little city and thousands of people come to cool off in the water on hot days (although don’t expect it to be warm… these are glacial-melt waters, after all!).

After your dip, you could then book yourself on an evening cruise down the river to watch the sun go down by boat - the perfect end to a perfect summer’s day.

But for those of you who want to see Switzerland by car, you have to follow the Furka Pass, the famed Swiss mountain pass that was featured in a James Bond car chase in Goldfinger, so it may look familiar to some of you.

The stretch of road is around 70km long and you’ll see some incredible sights along the way, with views of mountain peaks, glaciers and stunning forests waiting to be discovered. And there’s also the Rhone Glacier (the source of the River Rhone), which you can actually walk inside if you book yourself on a tour.

The tunnel is only 100m long but you’ll want to make sure you have a coat on because you’ll find it pretty chilly in there indeed!

Another great way to see more of Switzerland is to catch yourself a train. Book yourself on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland and board a panoramic train so you can really take in all the sights and sounds of this wonderful country.

This particular tour covers an impressive 1,280km, divided into eight sections that make up one incredibly breathtaking route. Highlights of the trip include Zermatt, the world-famous car-free village, the Matterhorn glacier paradise, St Moritz and a whole lot more.

Of course, no matter what you get up to on your summer holiday, you’ll have a fantastic time - and you’re sure to want to return time and time again to this amazing part of the world.

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