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The Best Ways To Save Money When Booking A Holiday Rental

  • May 19 2021

It goes without saying really that holidays can be expensive. Everything from booking flights and transfers to buying suncream and toiletries will soon add up and before you know it, your getaway is costing you hundreds of pounds. Thankfully, there are lots of ways that you can save money when wanting to go abroad this year and opting for a holiday rental instead of a hotel is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Not only will a holiday rental generally be cheaper per night and per person when compared to a hotel, but you can save money on things such as food and drink when you’re staying in your own private property too. If you’re really wanting a short break this year and you’re looking for ways that you can save even more money when booking a holiday rental, below we have put together some tips that might come in handy.

Look at less desirable dates

One of the best ways to save money when you’re booking a holiday is to look at the off-peak season. As you may already know, generally speaking, months like June, July, August and September tend to be more expensive than the winter months, and lots of hosts will offer deals during the off-peak season too. If you do want to go away during the Spring/Summer months, try to avoid the school holidays as these are usually more expensive as well.

Change the duration of your trip

Sometimes, the length of time that you book a holiday for will affect the amount you pay for flights and accommodation. It is always worthwhile playing around with the duration of your trip to see if a less common number of days works out at a better price. You should also take a look at starting your holiday on a different day as well. Often, the weekends will be more expensive than the weekdays, so if you’re flexible in this regard it can really help.

Try booking last minute

Lots of people assume that you can’t book a holiday rental last minute, but this definitely isn’t the case. It isn’t uncommon for hosts to discount their properties when they have space in their diary for last minute bookings in an attempt to get travellers in. You will also find that different holiday rental sites offer different ways for you to snap up a last minute deal too, for example, some may have an auction site where you can bid for a week away.

Be flexible with location

Even if you have already decided that you’d like to visit a specific country or even a particular city, you will find that some locations are more expensive than others accommodation-wise. Do some research into which areas are most desirable for tourists and try to avoid these when you’re looking for holiday rentals. If you’re visiting a city, you will notice that the further out of the city you look, the more affordable the holiday rentals become too.

Avoid popular amenities

Whilst there are lots of different factors that will influence how expensive a holiday rental is, one of these will be what amenities the property offers. For example, if the property has a swimming pool or a hot tub, it will often cost more than somewhere that doesn’t. The same goes for outdoor spaces and you will usually pay more for a balcony or a terrace. So, look out for holiday rentals that don’t have these popular additional amenities.

Booking affordable holiday rentals

There really is no denying that it is possible to save a lot of money when you decide to book a holiday rental instead of a hotel and, hopefully, the tips above can help you to save even more when doing so. Thankfully, it is easier than ever before to find holiday homes and holiday villas for getaways too, so no matter what you have in mind, you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect holiday rental for your upcoming trip.

Whenever you’re searching for holiday rentals, make sure you browse through the Rental Cloud listings. Not only do we provide travellers with a huge choice of properties in some of the most desirable destinations all over the world, but we can offer you great deals too. We have a unique auction where you can snap up brilliant last-minute deals, so you can guarantee that you’ll save money when you turn to us. To find out more about booking a holiday rental via Rental Cloud, check out our website today.


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