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Things To Consider When Choosing A Holiday Home To Rent

  • April 30 2021

It is becoming increasingly common for people to book holiday homes and holiday cottages instead of traditional accommodation options like hotels when arranging a trip, and it goes without saying that there are several benefits to doing so. Whether you’re having a short break here in the UK or a two week holiday abroad, renting a holiday home will provide you with the perfect base to explore the local area.

As holiday homes rise in popularity, more and more property owners are renting out their houses to holidaymakers and nowadays, there are so many different options to choose from when arranging an upcoming holiday. Of course, it is important to ensure that you book a holiday home that meets all of your individual needs and requirements, so when attempting to narrow down the huge range of options available, be sure to consider the following;

Location, location, location

This is by far one of the most important things to think about when considering which holiday home to rent. Once you have decided on a country for your holiday and the area you’d like to visit, you should think carefully about where you’d like your accommodation to be. For example, is the city centre more appealing to you than being on the coast? This decision will play a huge role in deciding which holiday home you choose.

What facilities you need/want

When you’re renting a holiday home, it is also important to remember that this will be a self-catering holiday, so you should think about what is essential to you in this regard. Consider the kitchen facilities and, in particular, which appliances you’re probably going to need, not all holiday homes to rent will have the same. Think about any other facilities you’re interested in too, such as WiFi, balconies, swimming pools and hot tubs.

The number of guests

Of course, it goes without saying really that when you’re booking accommodation of any kind, you need to think about how many people you’re going on holiday with. However, when booking a holiday home, you should think about more than just how many bedrooms you’re going to need. Consider the people you’re going on holiday with and their individual needs as well.

Local transport links

No matter which location you’d prefer, it is always important to think about the proximity of local transport links. Consider how far away from the airport, train station or underground/metro/subway, you’re happy to be. You may also want to look at how far away the different holiday homes to rent are from the tourist attractions you’re interested in visiting and whether it will be possible for you to see and do everything you’re wanting to. 

Check-in and check-out times

This can be really easy to overlook, but it is so important to think about check-in and check-out times, especially if you have already booked your flights. It isn’t uncommon for check-in times to be mid/late-afternoon for holiday homes, so you may want to look into whether you’re able to drop your suitcases off earlier to make the most of your first day. It may also be worthwhile enquiring about the possibility of a later check-out time too.

What your budget is

For many, budget is another incredibly important factor to take into consideration when looking at different holiday homes to rent. As you may expect, the options available to you will differ quite dramatically in price, so it is essential to think about what you can realistically afford/are wanting to spend on your accommodation. You may want to keep an eye out for special offers and other deals too, they aren’t uncommon for holiday homes.

Finding a holiday home to rent

It is fair to say that there really is the perfect holiday home to rent for every trip and you shouldn’t struggle to find something that meets the needs of everyone you’re going on holiday with. Hopefully, by taking the time to think about everything mentioned above, you will have a much clearer idea of what these needs are and you can then ensure that you’re choosing something that is suitable.

When searching for holiday homes to rent, be sure to visit the Rental Cloud website. We can connect you with a number of property owners who have holiday homes to rent in the locations you’re interested in, so you won’t have to spend hours scrolling the internet, we really can make finding the perfect place to stay so much easier. See for yourself today by using our simple search bar to start the hunt for the perfect holiday home to rent.


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