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Top Tips For Ensuring Your Holiday Home Gets A 5 Star Review

  • May 02 2021

No matter how long you have been renting out a holiday home, even if you’re a complete newbie, you will likely know just how important it is to get good reviews from the guests who stay at your property. It is fair to say that 5-star reviews are the key to your success and the more of these you can get from your guests, the higher the chances are that your holiday home will be booked by others in the future.

These days, it isn’t always easy to please your guests and they will be incredibly honest in their reviews in an attempt to help others, so it is important to ensure that you’re doing all you can to increase your chances of getting the stars you’re hoping for. So, to help anyone who is looking for ways they can improve their holiday home experience and ensure they’re getting positive guest reviews, below are some of our top tips.

Make a good impression from the outset

From the moment a guest decides to book your holiday home, you need to be providing the best service. First impressions are so important and if any guests message you with some questions, you should be responding promptly and being as helpful as possible. Make sure that your guests are looking forward to their stay and that they feel comfortable contacting you if needed.

Ensure that your holiday home doesn’t disappoint

Whilst it can be tempting to over-sell your holiday home on your advertisements, this only leads to disappointment and, in turn, negative reviews. Make sure that any photographs or amenity lists are up to date on your property listings and that you’re being honest with potential guests. If anything, this provides you with the opportunity to pleasantly surprise them upon their arrival.

Always give a warm welcome

Even if you’re not physically welcoming guests yourself, ensuring that you leave something at the holiday home to welcome them is important. Many choose to leave their guests a small welcome pack nowadays with necessities like tea and coffee or a small treat, and these tend to be greatly appreciated. Welcome packs aren’t expensive but they can help to ensure that you’re giving your guests the best possible experience.

Provide essential kitchen equipment

Due to the fact that booking a holiday home is considered to be a ‘self-catering holiday’, it is essential that you’re providing guests with everything they need to be able to cater for themselves during their stay if they’d like to eat in. Make sure you provide quality cutlery, crockery and glasses, guests will judge you on these things and added extras like coffee machines can go a long way in pleasing guests as well.

Add some additional homely items

In addition to supplying the things that guests tend to expect nowadays, you may also want to consider adding some homely extras to your holiday home. Simply having things such as; coat hangers, an iron and ironing board, a hairdryer, a full-length mirror and some board games can improve a guest’s stay. So, think about what else you’re easily able to offer your guests.

Make sure the property is spotless

Cleanliness is arguably one of the most important things to guests and you should ensure that your holiday home is always spotless. Nothing lets your property down like unhoovered floors or a grubby shower, so if you hire a cleaner, ensure they’re completing their job to the highest standard. Guests will expect a hotel standard of cleanliness and it is important to provide this.

Getting 5-star reviews for your holiday home

Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial if you’re yet to receive a 5-star review from any of your guests and taking on board everything mentioned above should help to change this. Of course, if you’re not getting any reviews at all, this can be just as concerning to future guests as bad reviews, so you should try to subtly encourage happy guests to write you reviews. Ultimately, the more positive guest reviews you have visible to others the better.

If you’re looking for a holiday rental site where you can advertise your holiday home, be sure to explore the rest of the Rental Cloud website. We provide holiday homeowners with a global stage to showcase their property and we can help you to ensure that your diary is full all year round. We provide your guests with the opportunity to review their stay with you on our website too, so you can start to build a bank of glowing reviews as well.


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