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Top Tips For Helping People Find Your Holiday Apartment

  • May 03 2021

Whether you have just bought your first-holiday apartment or you have owned one for a while now, but you’re not getting as much interest as you’d hoped, knowing how to get your property found by holidaymakers is so important. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get private holiday apartments/homes/cottages found and as the market becomes more saturated and competitive this is only going to get worse.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to increase the chance of people finding your holiday apartment and if you’re pro-active, you can help to drive interest and fill your bookings diary. So, to help anyone who is looking for some advice in this regard, below we have put together some of our top tips for advertising your holiday apartment and reaching as many new guests as possible. 

Advertise on a holiday rental website

One of the best ways to ensure that people will find your holiday apartment is to list it on a holiday rental website, but it is essential to ensure that you’re using the correct site. Whilst there are some huge well-known sites out there, they aren’t always the best option. It is important to always take into consideration things such as listing fees and commission from bookings when deciding which website to advertise your holiday apartment on.

Make use of social media

In this digital day and age, it is so important to ensure that you’re using social media to your advantage, after all, it is a free way to advertise your holiday apartment. Not only can you post about your property on social media, but your guests can too and if they’re able to ‘check-in’ at your accommodation and tag you in their posts is brilliant exposure for you. You should try to encourage people to interact with your social media as much as possible too.

Show your holiday apartment off

When choosing to advertise your holiday property on any platform, whether this is a holiday rental website or social media, remember that a picture really does speak a thousand words. Many who are searching for somewhere to book for an upcoming holiday will look at your pictures before they read the description or look at your availability, so ensure that your pictures are showing your property off in the best possible light.

Ask holidaymakers to leave you reviews

Almost all holidaymakers will read the reviews for a holiday apartment before booking, so it is important to ensure that you’re asking visitors to leave you a review. Your reviews can be on several different platforms, for example; Facebook, Google, the holiday rental website you advertise on or even a third-party review website. Reviews and word-of-mouth referrals really are some of the best ways to get people to find your holiday apartment.

Ensure you’re appealing to the right people

Knowing your target audience is always helpful when you’re trying to get people to find your holiday apartment and knowing who you should be advertising to will enable you to ensure that you’re using the right platforms. Think about the people who usually book your accommodation and what makes you appeal to them. You can then use this information to help with things such as; writing your description, highlighting amenities and any added extras you offer.

Helping people find your holiday apartment

Hopefully, the tips above will be beneficial to you if you own a holiday apartment or a holiday home/holiday cottage, and they can help you to ensure that your apartment is successful and you’ve always got guests coming through your door. It goes without saying that you can do so much to increase the likelihood of people finding your holiday apartment, and ultimately, the more time and effort you put into this, the more beneficial it will be in the long run.

When looking for a holiday rental website to advertise your holiday apartment on, be sure to check out the Rental Cloud site. We provide a commission and booking fee-free platform with no steep registration costs for holiday property owners to advertise on and to be featured on our site, all you have to pay is a small monthly membership fee. We pride ourselves on helping holiday homeowners fill their diary and if you have any questions at all about our holiday rental website, don’t hesitate to ask.


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