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What Do The New Winter Rules Mean For Holidays?

  • December 08 2020

This year has been unique when it comes to holiday lettings and flight bookings. Holidaymakers have either adjusted their plans or decided to wait until 2021. However, with new rules coming in place from the start of December, there may be a little more hope for winter sun.

From 2nd December onwards, a modified version of the three-tier system seen in the summer is in effect, which allows for more scope for holidaymakers in and out of England.

Currently, under the rules, travelling away from home is restricted but after the new rules come in there will be significantly more flexibility compared to the previous systems of local lockdowns and tier systems. Here are the rules for both domestic and international holidays.


Domestic Holidays

For holidays inside the UK, where you can go depends on the tier level of where you currently live as well as where you are going.

For people living in tier 1 areas, they can travel anywhere in the country but need to follow the rules for that tier whilst they are there. For example, if you wanted to travel to a holiday home in tier 2, you should follow the tier 2 rules whilst there, such as not socialising indoors.

The inverse is not true if you live in a tier 1 area, however; you should follow the tier 2 rules regardless of where you are heading.

Travelling to and from tier 3 areas isn’t advised, although it is fine to travel through them to get to another area.

Until it is clarified which areas are under which designation, it will be difficult to see whether this is more or less restrictive than the previous rules. However, it does appear to be the case that there will be more to do when you get there.


International Holidays

The end of national lockdown brings with it the promise of holiday travel once again, with the lifting of a blanket travel ban except for work or education.

When it comes to where you can go, whilst a full list of travel advice for every nation and territory is available, it is vital that you can both get to your destination and get back.

The former is based on the customs rules in the country you wish to go to and the latter is sometimes better known as the travel corridor.

The travel corridor is every country you can travel to England from without the need to self-isolate for 14 days once you arrive. If you travel from or visit a country not on the travel corridor list then you need to self-isolate.

One thing that it is important to keep in mind is that this can include transit stops. Transit stops if you change flights during different legs of your journey, a stop at a port on a ferry and stops on an international railway or coach.

The golden rule about self-isolation is that if new passengers get on at a stop that isn’t in the travel corridor, or you or any other passenger gets off, mixes with other people then gets back on, you need to self isolate.

If you are just travelling through, or passengers get off but do not get back on, you do not need to self isolate.


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