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What Does A Vaccine Mean For Holidays In 2021?

  • November 25 2020

With the news of a potential vaccine that could help stop the spread of Covid-19, there has been a lot of speculation about the meaning of this news to holidays next year.

Whilst there are still some questions regarding the news of a vaccine, many holidaymakers have taken it as a positive sign for holidays in 2021 and have begun looking into holiday lettings.

To make sure you have the best holiday in 2021 or 2022, here is what the vaccine means for holidays.



On 9th November, multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that they had found a vaccine that had an efficacy rate of over 90 per cent with no major side effects. This means that the vaccine could prevent more than 90 per cent of people from getting the disease.

The vaccine, a two-dose injection, provides protection after four weeks and is the most promising breakthrough yet towards reducing the effect of the pandemic.

The final step is collecting safety information, which according to Pfizer will reach the threshold needed for emergency use by the last week of November.


Will This Affect Holidays?

The virus is expected to begin being administered to people, once approved, by December, although it is likely that the first people to be given the vaccine are key workers and residents in care homes, who are most at risk of getting the virus.

A wider rollout will likely start by next year, and depending on how effective the vaccine is in a wider setting, life could start returning to normal by spring, which would mean a very welcome return to late spring and summer holidays.

With infections reducing in the spring and summer anyway as a result of the warmer weather, this could mean a thankful return to normality.

It is likely that there will still be requirements to travel, as there were this summer when the lockdown restrictions were first lifted.

It may be the case that the travel corridor, whilst widened, will still be in effect, so some countries may require proof that you have taken the vaccine or a 14-day quarantine as we have seen some countries use.

As well as this, flight operators and letters may also have their own hygiene rules that will remain in effect, such as using hand sanitiser, deep cleans of accommodation and wearing masks whilst in confined spaces.


Should I Book Early?

As early as the day the vaccine was announced, it was reported that searches for holidays and flight bookings spiked, and we may see a major wave of demand for holidays in the same way we have seen house prices spike this year.

If you plan on going on holiday next year after hearing this news, it is worth thinking about where you want to go now and beginning to make enquiries.

Demand is likely to increase as hope turns into reality, and to avoid disappointment make sure you enquire early and see what options are available.


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