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What Lots Of Families Look For When Finding A Holiday Villa To Rent

  • May 26 2021

Whilst for many years, an all-inclusive hotel was the first choice for lots of families when they were booking accommodation for their summer holidays, this is no longer the case. It is actually becoming much more common for families to book private villas to stay in and many enjoy the space, freedom and peace and quiet that comes with doing so. Once they’ve stayed in a luxury villa once, families don’t tend to go back to using hotels either.

If you own a holiday villa that you’ve just started renting out, you may find that your diary isn’t as full as you hoped it would be and this is often because there is so much choice available for families these days. To help ensure that your private villa isn’t constantly overlooked, it is important to offer everything that families tend to look for when trying to find a holiday villa to rent these days. If you’re wondering what these things are, keep reading today.

Fully equipped kitchens

This is one of the biggest must-haves when you’re wanting to rent your villa to families. Lots of families will choose to eat in during their holiday and they will look for somewhere that provides all of the appliances and utensils that they need to cook themselves. Often, families will keep an eye out for villas that have a dishwasher and a washing machine as well.

Space to park a rental car

It isn’t uncommon for families to rent a car for the duration of their holiday and this can make exploring the local area much easier for them. For this reason, many will try to find a luxury villa that has a convenient car parking space, preferably a private space. If your holiday villa offers this, make sure you’re highlighting it in your advertisements.

Private pools

You may not be surprised to hear that a huge percentage of families will look for holiday villas to rent that have private pools. In fact, outdoor areas in general are very important and lots of parents will search for somewhere that has plenty of space for their children to enjoy themselves. Some even look for added extras like outdoor toys and pool floats too.

A TV and free WiFi

This is another must-have for holiday rentals when you’re wanting to attract families. Even on holiday children will probably want to watch TV at some point and many will look for somewhere that has a DVD player or on-demand cable and some may even search for places with games consoles as well. In this digital day and age, it goes without saying that WiFi is essential too.

More than one bathroom

Lots of families will look for holiday villas to rent with more than one main bathroom or with bedrooms that have ensuites. This is particularly important if a villa has more than three bedrooms and is able to sleep six or more people. Only having one bathroom can be incredibly inconvenient for big families and surprisingly, this can be a make or break factor.

Air conditioning and blackout blinds

When organising a trip away for the school holidays to somewhere that has really warm summers, lots of families will want to find a villa that has air conditioning. Children can struggle to sleep when they’re too hot and keeping the bedrooms and indoor living areas cool will be really helpful. Some may even look for things like blackout blinds in children’s rooms too.

Advertising your holiday villa to rent

Hopefully, if you own a villa rental, the information above will be beneficial to you. Now that you know what the vast majority of families tend to look for when they’re searching for a holiday villa to rent, you can ensure that your villa ticks all of their boxes. You may need to spend some time and money upgrading your villa, so to speak, but you can almost always guarantee that this will be worthwhile as you’ll likely get more bookings from doing so.

Of course, it always helps to ensure that you’re advertising your villa on a good holiday rental platform too and this can make a big difference to the amount of interest you get. If you’re looking for somewhere new to list your holiday villa to rent, be sure to visit the Rental Cloud website. As a commission and booking fee free interface with no steep registration costs, we can provide you with the perfect place to advertise your villa. So, take a look at our site today.


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