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What Makes Holiday Apartments Perfect For City Breaks

  • May 05 2021

Every year, travellers will book trips to explore the amazing cities across the world and soak up the history and culture of somewhere new. When booking a city break, many will look for accommodation in the heart of the city, so that they can fully immerse themselves in everything that the city has to offer, but finding somewhere to stay that doesn’t break the bank yet still meets all of your needs isn’t always easy.

Thankfully, there is one accommodation option that is the perfect solution for city breaks and no matter which part of the world you’re wanting to explore next, you should consider booking a holiday apartment. There are a number of reasons why a private holiday rental is perfect for this type of holiday and if you’ve never stayed in a holiday apartment before, keep reading today to find out what makes it the perfect choice for your next city break.

Be in a convenient location for exploring the city

More often than not, holiday apartments are in the most convenient locations when you’re wanting to explore everything that a city has to offer. You will find that they’re never far away from the famous sights and often, they are in walking distance from the things you want to see.

Even if you don’t want to be in the heart of the city, you will be able to find holiday apartments that are on the outskirts but perfectly located to jump on public transport and be in the city in a matter of minutes. Due to the fact that holiday apartments are usually owned by locals or people who love the city themselves, you can trust that they really will be in the best locations.

Live like a local off the beaten track

Unlike hotels that tend to be in the most built-up touristy areas of a city, you will find holiday apartments all over in a number of different neighbourhoods. So, you can get off the beaten track and live like a local during your city break, which can open your eyes to so much more.

Staying in a holiday apartment away from the most frequently visited areas will allow you to discover quaint restaurants and quirky shops that the locals love but very few tourists know exist. Something as simple as where you stay will enable you to see the city in a whole new way and a holiday apartment will help you to have an unforgettable one of a kind trip. 

Enjoy much more freedom during your trip

Not only are holiday apartments unique places to stay, but they also provide you with a lot of freedom too. Due to the fact that you will have a private fully functional living space all to yourself, you can decide exactly how you want to spend your time.

You will have the freedom to choose things such as whether you want to eat out or make food for yourself and whether you want to visit a bar or have evening drinks on your own balcony. Your holiday won’t be dictated by the rules of a hotel, for example, and you really will have the flexibility to ensure that every day is spent enjoying your trip in the way you wanted to.

Increase your spending money

As mentioned above, finding accommodation in a city centre that doesn’t break the bank isn’t always easy and hotel rooms, in particular, tend to be incredibly expensive. Thankfully, holiday apartments will likely be one of the most affordable accommodation options available.

Whether you’re staying in a city of 2 nights or 5, you will probably be able to find holiday apartments that cost less overall than hotel rooms and spending less on your accommodation will mean you have more spending money for your trip. Booking a ‘budget getaway’ in even the most desirable locations is possible when you opt for a holiday apartment.

Finding holiday apartments in city centres

Ultimately, it is fair to say that if you’re booking a city break, whether this is in Paris or New York, then a holiday apartment is the perfect accommodation option. There is no denying that there are a number of benefits to opting for a private holiday rental over a hotel and it really will be the perfect base for you to explore everything a city has to offer. It is undoubtedly worthwhile looking at holiday apartments in more detail.

Should you be trying to find a holiday apartment for your next city break, be sure to visit the Rental Cloud website. On our platform, you will find a number of amazing holiday rentals in desirable locations throughout the world and it is likely that we will have the perfect solution for your trip away. Even if your city break is quite last minute, don’t worry, we can still help and we offer travellers the chance to snap up last-minute deals at auction, so be sure to explore our website today.


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