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What To Pack For A Ski Chalet Holiday

  • August 04 2020

Some people like sun, sea, sand and surf when they go on holiday, while others love nothing more than sun, slopes and skis. Both are equally amazing as options for big trips away, but there can be no denying that it might be a little bit trickier to pack for a skiing holiday than it is for a beach destination.

Those of you who have never gone skiing before might find the packing list a little daunting but the key to a successful skiing trip is to keep it as simple as you can. It might be tempting to pack lots of different outfits but you’ll probably spend most of your time in the same clothes, changing your layers every few days, so that should make it a bit easier.

Also bear in mind that ski chalets are generally more relaxed after the slopes are closed, so you probably aren’t going to need eveningwear. You’re more likely to find yourself curled up in front of a roaring fire, chatting away, than you are painting the town red - although packing one option for a night out might not be such a bad idea, just in case.

You’ll need space in your suitcase for all your ski equipment, however, so bear this in mind when you’re packing… and it can be quite bulky so you’ll need a fair amount of room.

Top of the packing list should be a waterproof breathable jacket and salopettes, as well as insulated and breathable ski mittens or gloves. You’ll also need a helmet, but you may find it a better idea to hire these when you reach your destination.

Neck warmers and balaclavas can also be very useful, depending on where you’re going and how cold it’s going to be, and you may find hand warmers a good idea, as well.

Don’t forget to pack numerous pairs of ski socks so you can keep your feet nice and warm, as well as some sunglasses and goggles (although this latter option you can also hire if you don’t want to buy your own).

It’s also worth noting what items you should leave behind, as well. Thick woolly scarves, for example, will just take up lots of space in your suitcase and you can’t wear them while skiing, and you could make even more room for other vital items if you leave your makeup and jewellery behind.

Pack the essentials, of course, but you’re unlikely to want all your favourite accessories as you probably won’t wear them. And perhaps think about leaving your big camera behind. Smartphones have amazing photographic capabilities these days and they’re far easier to carry around with you than a big, bulky DSLR.

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