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What To See In Historic Cadiz

  • October 22 2020

The ancient port of Cadiz might not be at the top of many people’s Spanish bucket list, but this beautiful city has a rich history and is home to some of the most stunning architecture.

Booking a holiday anywhere right now might be a risky venture with the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, but once the restrictions are lifted, if you’re looking for somewhere that is still relatively unscathed by crowds of tourists, the city of Cadiz should be on your list.

Located in Andalusia, the southernmost region of Spain, Cadiz is popular for day-trippers wanting to see the iconic Torre Tavira and Cadiz’ 18th-century cathedral, which are both definitely worth a visit. We have a list of five more attractions and activities to do in the beautiful port city.

1. Ontario de la Santa Cueva

Ontario de la Santa Cueva is an underground church in the city, which is utterly stunning and can give history lovers a fantastic insight into Cadiz. The church comprises of two chapels, one of which is dedicated to the Passion, while the other is for the Holy Sacrament.

The church is considered to be on the of the greatest monuments of Spanish art and is home to a neo-classical style, and features sculptures to see and paintings by Francisco de Goya.

2. Playa de la Caleta

Right in the historical centre of Cadiz, unusually, is a beach - Playa de la Caleta. It has a natural harbour and is the smallest beach in the city, but it is by far the prettiest. 

The area has an abundance of restaurants and cafes nearby, making it a perfect spot for breakfast or lunch. Do bear in mind that in the southern areas of Spain, in summer it can get incredibly hot, and those who are not used to the sun should consider staying indoors during peak hours.

3. Eat some tapas

No trip to Spain would be complete without trying tapas at least once, and Cadiz has an array of tapas restaurants to choose from.

With its vicinity to the sea, the tapas in Cadiz is based more on seafood than in other regions. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine to accompany your squid and spicy gambas

4. Grab an ice cream

Is it even a trip to the seaside without ice cream? Cadiz has many ice cream shops, and Helados Mira and Gelateria 1800 are definitely worth a go if you want some creamy, rich ice cream.

The most popular ice cream flavours in Cadiz include pistachio, dark chocolate and coconut, but if ice cream is not your thing, then try Pasteleria La Trufa which has plenty of delicious pastries and cakes.

5. Gran Teatro Falla

The Gran Teatro Falla is a theatre located close to Parque Genoves. The building is architecturally stunning with typical Spanish bricks, tiling and colours. The ceiling above the stage has beautiful artwork across it by Felipe Abarzuza y Rodríguez de Arias.

The theatre still hosts tickets and music events but is also open to tours.

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