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What Will Future Travel Look Like?

  • September 30 2020

The travel industry has been significantly disrupted by the global Covid-19 pandemic and some of the changes we’ve all experienced in recent months to how we travel look set to stay.

Skyscanner recently released a new report predicting the trends we’re likely to see in future travel. Domestic trips have become increasingly popular in recent months, as you would expect, with the organisation predicting that this will continue to be the case as we move into 2021.

Travellers are also booking much closer to the time that they’re travelling than they have in the past, with the website revealing that many people are now booking within a month of jetting off.

The report also highlighted the five areas that are top of mind for those who are still taking trips overseas. Health is naturally among them, with the other four areas being financial, social, ethical and recreational considerations.

It also pointed out that health factors are typically the biggest barriers to travelling overseas, perhaps unsurprisingly.

Among Brits, the most popular destinations are also changing as people look ahead to their travel plans in 2021. The Express cited data from the full Skyscanner report, revealing that the number one destination among Brits is now London.

This is followed by Faro in Portugal and Dalaman in Turkey at number three. In fourth and fifth place are the two Spanish destinations of Malaga and Alicante.

The rest of the top ten is completed by Palma, Islamabad, Bangkok, Ibiza and New York. The data is all taken from searches on the flight booking platform for trips between 1 June 2021 and 31 August 2021.

In addition to booking flights, there has also been a surge in bookings in holiday rentals, the Guardian recently revealed.

The newspaper shared figures from the Professional Association of Self-Caterers in the UK, which revealed that cottage companies, campsites and glamping sites have all seen a spike in bookings for 2021, with some locations advising holidaymakers to book sooner rather than later or risk being disappointed.

However, concerns over a potential second lockdown in the UK, coupled with the new Covid-19 restrictions introduced by the government in recent weeks, have seen people pulling out of holidays around the October half term.

Alastair Handyside, chair of the organisation, said that the latest stream of government announcements have resulted in the cancellation of approximately 40 per cent of bookings between now and Christmas. 

Mr Handyside told the newspaper that the coming months are looking like they could be challenging for the sector.

“Half term was looking very good but people are getting nervous. Their holiday options are shrinking before their eyes,” he said.

One change that the pandemic appears to have brought about is a greater appreciation for nature and being outdoors, however, with Cool Camping editor James Warner Smith telling the publication that the travel and social restrictions we’ve all faced this year means more of us are spending time outdoors.

“People have spent a lot more time outdoors and are really recognising the mental and physical benefits of that, and are clearly factoring it in when booking holidays in the future,” he asserted.


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