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Which Destinations Are You Considering For 2021 Holidays?

  • September 10 2020

Many people have accepted that travelling overseas for the remainder of this year is going to be challenging, but it seems that a lot of people are still keen on booking a trip so that they have something to look forward to.

Although travel has been seriously disrupted this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that many are happy to plan ahead and book holiday villas to rent in destinations in Europe and elsewhere for summer 2021.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a family getaway next year, you might want to consider some of the destinations recently suggested by Skyscanner.

One of the top spots to look at is the Greek island of Skiathos, which rose to fame in 2008 after the release of the movie Mamma Mia, which was based around Abba hits. However, the website noted that although it experienced a significant boost in visitor numbers around that time, travel to the island has since calmed down a little.

“It’s reverted back to its calmer character, which makes it ideal for a young family,” Skyscanner stated.

So, what can you expect if you travel to Skiathos? Secluded and beautiful beaches fringed by pine trees, hilltop monasteries with stunning views and charming cobbled streets in traditional Greek towns is the answer!

There are lots of nice places to visit on neighbouring islands just a short boat ride away too. Nearby Skopelos is worth a visit, according to the site, as is Alonissos island, which is located in the largest marine protected area in Europe.

Other top recommendations for family holidays in Europe next year included Naantali in Finland, which is known for being the country’s holiday capital, as well as Denmark’s Copenhagen. Although the city might not be your first thought for a family escape, the website noted that it has many family-friendly attractions.

These include Legoland, the original LEGO factory and Lalandia water park, all of which are great ways to keep the kids occupied for a day.

Prima also recently offered some suggestions of top destinations in Europe for a 2021 getaway. A railway journey on Germany’s Brocken Railway is one suggestion, taking you through spectacular mountain scenery and allowing you to explore the Harz Mountains.

Another suggestion is to head to France’s Bordeaux region if you’re a fan of delicious food and, of course, good wines. The countryside here is beautiful and the landscape is dotted with picturesque chateaux.

If you’re a fan of winter holidays, meanwhile, booking a spot on the Glacier Express in Switzerland could be a great choice. This iconic railway winds its way into the Swiss Alps, crossing impressive bridges over mountain ravines and taking you through a picture-perfect winter wonderland along the way.

Travelling by train will allow you to take in all the glorious scenery as you make your way deeper into the mountains. It’s a great way to start or finish a longer winter getaway to this European destination.

While travelling might be challenging at the moment, you can still get excited about planning your next break, even if it might not be for a little while.


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