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Why A Holiday Villa Is The Perfect Place For A Family Celebration

  • May 06 2021

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, your retirement or any other big life event, being able to do so with your family is something that many think is important. It isn’t uncommon for people to book a table at a nice restaurant or even hire an event venue for a private party when wanting to celebrate a special occasion, but there is one way you can top this; by booking a luxury villa.

Going on holiday with your nearest and dearest isn’t always easy and it can take some serious organisation, but if you book a holiday villa, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’d not really considered jetting off to celebrate with your family in the sunshine, let alone hire a villa rental, keep reading today. Below we have put together a list of reasons why a holiday villa really is the perfect place for a family celebration.

Plenty of space to enjoy each others company

Unlike when you book multiple rooms in a hotel, when you book a holiday villa you will have the whole property to yourself and there will be a few big open plan communal rooms where you can easily socialise with the whole family. Whether you’d like to all sit down and eat together in the dining room or just relax in the living room, there will be plenty of space for everyone.

Easy to find somewhere with enough bedrooms

Generally speaking, whilst there are some smaller villas, the majority of the holiday villas available to rent will be designed for bigger groups and have lots of bedrooms. So, it doesn’t matter whether there are 6 or 10 of you wanting to celebrate, or maybe even more, you shouldn’t struggle to find somewhere with enough bedrooms for you all.

Much more affordable than people tend to assume

Often, people think that any type of private holiday home will be really expensive to book, but this isn’t always the case. It is highly likely that some of the holiday villas you can rent will be more affordable than hiring an event venue and of course, you will be staying for more than just one night too, so they are usually great value for money. You will probably be surprised in this regard when you start looking at holiday villas to rent.

Enables everyone to relax and have fun

When people aren’t having to worry about the stressful workday they’ve just had or their commitments the next day, you can guarantee that they will enjoy celebrating your special occasion much more. The whole family can let their hair down and have some fun, which can sometimes be a rarity, so it isn’t just you who will benefit from hiring a holiday villa.

Choose a sentimental destination to celebrate

Most families have places that mean something to them and when you decide to book a holiday villa for your special occasion, you can return to one of these destinations and make new memories in a sentimental place. Alternatively, you can choose somewhere new and after the celebrations, you will all have another place with special significance to return to in the future.

Numerous private amenities to enjoy 

It is incredibly common for holiday villas to have a number of desirable amenities for your family to enjoy during your stay, so it won’t simply be somewhere for you to sleep, you can fill your days with fun here too. In addition to having things like air conditioning and WiFi, you will find that lots of luxury villas have private pools and even hot tubs too.

Finding the perfect holiday villa to rent

Ultimately no matter what special occasion you’re celebrating, renting a holiday villa is the perfect way to do so with all of the people you love. You can guarantee that you really will have an unforgettable time when staying with your family in a luxury villa and it will be a celebration that you all talk about for many years to come. So, why not take a little look at the many different types of holiday villas available to rent.

Here at Rental Cloud, we can make the process of finding a holiday villa for your family celebration incredibly easy. Our platform is home to a number of luxury villas all over the world and using our advanced search bar, you can easily find a property that ticks all of your boxes. Booking a villa rental through us couldn’t be more straightforward either and we pride ourselves on making the process stress and hassle-free. We look forward to helping you find the perfect holiday villa to rent.


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