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Why The Canary Islands Are The Ideal Winter Sun Escape

  • November 19 2020

Although travelling might be off the menu for the next few weeks at least for Brits, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan an escape to the sun a little later in the winter in the hope that the restrictions will have eased by then.

One destination that has long been a favourite for those seeking some sunshine during the cold winter months is the Canary Islands, which is home to destinations such as Lanzarote, Tenerife,Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

If you’re thinking of visiting one of these islands, or indeed anywhere else overseas in the coming months, you may feel more comfortable if you find holiday apartments rather than staying in a hotel.

Which? recently advised travellers to book their trips through a travel agent or tour operator that is trusted to protect them in the event that the (currently open) travel corridor between the UK and the islands is disrupted.

The consumer rights organisation also pointed out that from 14 November, all visitors will be required to show proof of a negative Covid test once they arrive at their accommodation. Tests can be carried out up to 72 hours before travelling.

With many airlines planning to restart their routes between the UK and the Canary Island destinations, this is certainly a good choice for a winter break this year, and one that is expected to remain open.

But the ease with which you can travel to the islands is far from the only reason why you should consider them for a winter escape.

As Travel Weekly recently pointed out, each island has its own charms and attractions for you to discover.


Lanzarote could be an especially good choice in this era of social distancing, given that so many of its attractions are outdoors. Timanfaya National Park, for instance, is known for its other-worldly landscapes and is a great place for hiking.

The beaches here are also pretty spectacular, The Culture Trip noted, with Playa de Papagayo one that gets a special mention. Rather than one unbroken strip of sand, this is a series of small beaches and coves that are separated by striking lava formations. 

Gran Canaria, meanwhile, is also known for its outdoor attractions and is even designated a World Biosphere Reserve by Unesco due to its diverse natural environments.

There is a wide variety of microclimates and habitats on this island, which makes it a great spot if you’re interested in spending your holidays exploring the great outdoors.

You can walk through Canarian pine forests, hike to the top of Mount Las Nieves, or discover the park that’s dedicated to preserving the unusual Macaronesian flora that’s native to the island.

Of course, given that it’s an island Gran Canaria also has some stunning coastal areas, ranging from towering sea cliffs to beautiful beaches. It’s also worth seeing some of the island from the water on a boat tour to truly appreciate its rugged coastline. You might also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of dolphins or turtles while you’re out on the water.


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