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Why Turkey Is Such A Popular Holiday Destination

  • June 01 2021

It goes without saying that there are so many incredible countries in the world that are all worthwhile visiting in their own right, but when it comes to choosing where to go on holiday, some places are much more popular than others. Every year, lots of tourists will choose to visit the same countries for their main holiday and one of the most frequently booked destinations in this regard has to be Turkey.

Families, couples and groups of friends alike will all find holiday villas to rent in Turkey throughout the year and this is a holiday destination that many will even return to time and time again. If you’ve never been to Turkey before and you’re wondering what makes it such a popular holiday destination, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the main reasons why people choose to visit this Middle Eastern country.

Its beautiful weather

The Mediterranean climate of Turkey makes it a warm country to visit for most of the year and unlike other countries, you don’t necessarily have to go to Turkey in the summer months to get temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees. Many will go to Turkey in April, May, September or October to avoid the peak holiday season and they will still have beautiful weather.

Its sandy beaches

With over 8,000 km of coastline, Turkey has a number of beautiful beaches to visit and there are lots of amazing places to stay where you won’t be far from the clear warm waters of the Mediterranean sea. Beach holidays are incredibly popular in Turkey and lots of hotels even have their own private stretches of beach for their guests to enjoy.

Its friendly locals

Turkish people are known for their excellent hospitality and you will always feel welcome wherever you go in Turkey. All of the locals will be very friendly and generous, and whenever you go to a restaurant or shop, for example, the staff will do all they can to help you. The majority feel very safe when they’re visiting the tourist hotspots in Turkey.

Its many famous sights

There are so many amazing places to visit and sights to see in Turkey, and often people will book two week holidays to make sure they have time to properly explore. Not only are there a number of historical and architectural tourist attractions that are incredibly popular, but the country is full of breathtaking natural beauty too, so you will have plenty to see during your holiday.

Its amazing cuisine

These days, Turkish food is world-famous, but like many other cuisines, there is no better place to have Turkish food than in Turkey. Wherever you stay in your villa rental, there will be so many amazing local restaurants that are worthwhile trying and you will never go hungry as the portion sizes are known for being very generous too.

Its affordability

Many come back to Turkey time and time again because not only are the flights affordable, but the accommodation is too and generally speaking, you won’t require that much spending money whilst you’re on holiday either. It is incredibly easy to visit Turkey on a budget and everything tends to be far less expensive than nearby European countries.

Finding a holiday villa to rent in Turkey

There really is no denying that Turkey is a brilliant holiday destination and it is easy to see why so many people choose to book holiday villas here every year. No matter what type of holiday you’re interested in having, whether you want to relax on the beach or explore traditional cities, Turkey really is the perfect place to go and you can guarantee that you will have an amazing time when visiting this country.

If you’re trying to find a holiday villa to rent in Turkey for your next getaway, be sure to visit the Rental Cloud website. By simply using the search bar on our homepage, you can find a number of different holiday rental options that meet all of your individual needs for a villa holiday. We pride ourselves on making it really easy for travellers to find the best private properties for their holidays and whether you’re wanting a villa with sea views or a private pool, you can rely on us to help you find the perfect place to stay.


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