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Why Villas Are Better Than Hotels

  • August 24 2020

When planning a holiday, it’s almost instinct for most people to look for a hotel. They’re usually close to all the action and have incredible views. But a large number of tourists are now opting for private villas for their holidays, and we have a look at why.

One current consideration certainly has to the means to ensure social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, which certainly hasn’t deterred some travellers, even with the knowledge of quarantine on their return, and a villa can provide the privacy and space to keep your family safe.


More Space

Hotels have limited space, even the biggest of hotels are restricted in terms of room space. On the other hand, villas can provide you with much more space to settle in and get comfortable, with multiple rooms and bathrooms, and a variety of entertainment options, and possibly your own pool you do not have to share with other guests.


More Privacy

It doesn’t matter how private or exclusive a hotel may be, there will still be other guests. A villa is strictly private, and other people will not have access to your private rented holiday villa, meaning you can enjoy your vacation in privacy.


Better Value For Money

For longer stays, villas offer access to kitchens, multiple bathrooms and other options that make it a better investment over time.


Better Views

Exclusive hotels may be designed with grand views, but you might also be in the thick of the resort, and the demand for the rooms with a view is high, but a private villa, while maybe a little off the beaten track from the centre of the resort, will likely have incredible views from all around the property, not solely from your hotel balcony.


Kid-Friendly Atmosphere

Your children are free to enjoy themselves, run around and splash in the pool without concern over disturbing the neighbours, which means fewer worries for you, making it ideal for a relaxing holiday for the whole family.


Healthier Dietary Options

It can be easy to get carried away with the all-inclusive options at a hotel. The breakfast buffet can be quite calorie intensive, and after a few days, the choices begin to seem limited. But while staying at a private villa, having your own kitchen, or maybe even your own chef will grant you the options to have a variety of healthy meals.


Perfect For Larger Families

Even without the pandemic and social distancing, if a large family is going on holiday, it’s important to allow spacing for family members to get some peace.

A holiday villa allows the whole family to enjoy the holiday spirit, getting every member of the family involved, but the extra space means you’re not all crammed together into a couple of rooms. It’s ideal for those with younger children as well as teenagers who want different activities.

A villa is a perfect destination for you to relax and have a great time with your family. While on a vacation, you get to feel right at the comfort of your home with all the amenities and space you want without breaking your pocket.

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